“As outlined in Aerocon’s proposal, there are 5 phases. Payment will be made to AeroCon through Adam Rush by check payable to Aerocon Media, LLC delivered to his address stated above or as otherwise agreed. Initial payment of $2280 covering two one-year Sharepoint fees and the initialization payment of $1800 will be paid upon signing this agreement.” – LOMan Contract with AeroCon


Phase I Action Items

Development Cost:

  • Two (2) Office 365 Annual Subscriptions for Team Development and Testing: $480 ($20 / user / month annually)
  • Development initialization down-payment: $1800
    Total: $2280

“Tasks – Focused on the calendar as outlined in the document:
A. Mind map (flowchart) block diagram (above)
B. Lawyer subdomain site creation and SharePoint setup (once both subscriptions are activated)
C. Planning and integration of code assets and services (development team meetings and tasks)
D. Interactive design mockup
E. Initial SharePoint website construction
F. Calendar construction
Phase I Results:
– Fully functioning calendar proof of concept within SharePoint, meeting the calendar
functionalities outlined in the LOMan Law Office Management Database description
– SharePoint framework for proceeding phases”